Poshed On The Go™ is an app designed to bring beauty providers right to your door, on demand or by appointment. We're excited to pamper you in 2022; after the past few years of craziness, you deserve it.


Our goals with Poshed On The Go™ are to:

  • Serve our beauty clients with luxurious, convenient treatments at the tap of a button with Poshed™ app. We aim to create an easy way to find & book professional beauty providers in your area that bring an environment of relaxation and expertise right to your door. 

  • Give beauty providers the opportunity to create independent, successful, and highly lucrative businesses that offer flexibility and freedom in life. 

At Poshed On The Go™, we believe that our services and solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry. We know that every product and service we offer requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude - we bring all of those things to the table in every interaction.


Stay tuned to learn all there is to know about the smart tech & luxury service behind our technology startup company. 




At Poshed On The Go™, our mission is to break barriers in technology, business, beauty, and outdated societal stereotypes.


We believe all women are multifaceted. Women can run businesses, have babies, and embrace our femininity, all while breaking through glass ceilings. In this, we hope to build a company that thrives on female leadership in the technology industry. 

Our femininity is our superpower. We do not need to down our femininity to earn respect in the business world. How we choose to present ourselves should not take away any intellectual value that we offer.  We are creating a culture where it is encouraged to be smart, ambitious, and sexy.


Women can have it all and be it all; we do not have to choose.

We intend to prove that through the growth of this company.  

We are women and we do it all.

Dream big,

Ruth E. Shrauner

Poshed On The Go, CEO & Founder